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On The Roll at BSides 2023 Conference - Catering for 3000+ Attendees Throughout the Entire Weekend

Catering for BSides 2023 CyberSecurity Conference in San Francisco - we did it !!! With all the ups and a few downs, it was the most challenging, exhausting, and rewarding endeavor in the entire history of On The Roll Catering.

Executing on this project turned out to be one of a kind learning experience at each and every step of the way - from putting together complex, scrupulously detailed contract paperwork in the beginning to triple-checking the results of our arduously meticulous clean-up against SF Metreon’s exhaustively long list of bullet points.

Huge thank you to everyone we've met, collaborated with, and, most of all - my deepest gratitude goes to the very special ladies on my team! None of this would have happened without you. I love and cherish you all with all my heart.

Now let’s drink something adult and get some sleep !!!! #BSidesSF #bsidessf2023


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