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Happy Holidays, y'all!

Done with Christmas or Hanukkah cooking? We salute you!

Getting ready for the upcoming Kwanzaa marathon but don't feel like cooking day in and day out? We understand you!

Can't wait to celebrate "F*** this 2020 bull****, give me a brand new year instead of this 'factory refurbished' monstrocity"? Celebrating with your family and maybe a few ___very recently___ tested friends present? We can help you... do nothing cooking-wise.

Long story short, if kitchen and cooking have already been giving you nightmares - we can help alleviate those in the most delicious and effortless way possible.

We got two brand new menus (Home Delivery, New Year Eve) for the next week -- (feel free to mix and match items from both menus in your orders).

We'll be delivering your orders on Dec 29th, 30th, and 31st between the hours of 11am and 4pm so please choose the day/time that works the best for you. It's totally OK to place more than one order :)


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