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Chicken and Friends of Mine.

Friends ! This is how it all started. If it wasn't for them ( yes i remember who are..possibly ) I would for sure end up behind some desk doing dog knows what , being lazy and complaining about how unfair life is to me.

I do clearly remember the day or rather late afternoon when a friend told me to start charging people for food instead of having endless dinner parties at our famous house on 15th and Cabrillo. Many moons passed since then , but i truly believe that it was then when my life shifted in a different direction.

Blah , blah .. not going to bore you with the details of my life lets just time travel to today.

And today I run a small ( for now !!! ) yet reasonably successful catering company. Food , booze , hot servers , excellent reviews and all other stuff you need to run a successful company. There are a lot of funny stories , most of which involve 18 hour work days , some forest adventures , rock concerts and endless laughter with my co-pilots.

One of the first kick ass dishes i sold in large quantities was a freakishly good chicken. Inspiration came from Limon where i almost legit staked one of the chefs to get the recipe until he either gave in to my charm or was just scared i will follow him home.

Hope you enjoy it just as much as my friends , family and i do. Next time i

ll tell you about that one time in the forest and its creatures.


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